Those Who Have Experienced Presentations Say—

"For those who want to be touched by the purity of Scripture and the sheer beauty of classical guitar, you will love Peter and Catherine Altamura's presentation of sight and sound."

Dean Pense, Pastor
Yountville Community Church

"Pete's incredible ability to act out scripture brings it to life and makes it 'real' for the audience.  Catherine's mesmerizing classical guitar transports one right to the throne of God's grace!"

Sara Warne, Worship Leader,
Sebastopol Christian Church

"Our congregation has been blessed, inspired, uplifted and challenged in their walk with Christ through the Altamura's ministry. The Word comes alive through Pete's presentations and the music of heaven fills the sanctuary, carrying our spirits upward with it!"

Galen Dalrymple, Pastor
Vineyard Hills Church, Cloverdale


Available for Presentation

Mark: 60 min*

Romans: 68 min**

Galatians: 21 min

Ephesians: 22 min

Philippians: 15 min

Colossians: 15 min

1 Thessalonians: 13 min

2 Thessalonians: 7 min

Philemon: 3 min

James: 20 min

1 Peter: 20 min

2 Peter: 11 min

1 John: 20 min

2 John: 2 min

3 John: 2 min

1 Timothy: 2 min

2 Timonty: 2 min

Titus: 2 min

*Mark: Total time approximately 1 hour; usually presented in sections. Approximately 4 minutes per chapter
**Romans: Total time approximately 68 minutes; usually presented in sections. Approximately 4 minutes per chapter


A Dramatic Presentation

A powerful reenactment of the Passion of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemene through Christ's death and resurrection. This moving depiction is especially effective during the Easter season. Approximately 20 minutes.

Catherine Altamura photo Playing Guitar

Peter and Catherines Ministry

Since 1990 Peter and Catherine have joined their individual ministries in Drama and Music and have had the opportunity to bless audiences throughout the western United States.

Together they create a program suitable for the occasion, including full Concerts, Church Services, Banquets, Conferences, and Retreats.

Their Programs are moving, dramatic, and capture the audience's senses. Peter and Catherine are committed to excellence in their Ministries, and to communicating Christ's love to audiences of all types.

To reserve performances by either or both Peter and Catherine please contact us byemail:

Photography by Elaina Burdo



Peter & Catherine Altamura - Inspiration through living scripture and music

The Altamuras

In 1980, Peter became a Christian and began memorizing Scripture as part of the Discipling process with the Navigators organization. Seeing the positive effect that memorizing Bible verses had on his life, he began memorizing larger portions and eventually entire Books of the Bible. Through the years he has become so familiar with the joys and sorrows of the writers, portraying their personalities has become a natural part of Peter's life.

Catherine began playing the guitar when she was five. She studied extensively with classical guitarists in the San Francisco Bay Area and attended the San Francisco Conservatory. She studied with George Sakellariou and Larry Ferrera, and performed in several Master Classes with Christopher Parkening.

Catherine became a Christian at age 14, and started a life journey of dedicating herself to knowing and serving the Lord Jesus Christ. She began composing her own pieces, and writing arrangements of historical and contemporary Christian pieces for the guitar. With a growing passion for this music, she began combining her advanced classical technique with Christian hymns, and trained to play this music on both the six and the twelve stringed guitar. In Catherine's debut recording she plays a selection of her pieces, both solo and with the Skywalker Chamber Orchestra. This CD, Luminaria, is the first of its kind.

Peter, Catherine, and their three beautiful children, reside in Santa Rosa, California. Peter works as a Physical Therapist while Catherine's focus is at home. Their priorities are seeking God's Kingdom and His Righteousness by loving Him, each other, their children, and others. They continue to further their Ministries of memorizing scripture, furthering the Discipleship Ministry, writing new music, recording, and continuing their performance Ministries.

Presented Through Theatrical Dramatization and in Costume

Peter Altamura's Ministry

For the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword ….

Hebrews 4:12

Peter Altamura has a passion for the Word of God, and a desire to see it come alive in the hearts of believers today. His ministry is quoting entire books of the Bible, dressed in costume, expressing the emotion of the original writers through theatrical dramatization.

In order to most accurately convey an author's heart, mind, soul, and intention in a particular Book, Peter prepares with in-depth study of each verse he memorizes. This includes exhaustive study of the original language, historical and cultural significance, the author's life, and the disposition of those being addressed.

When presenting a Book, Peter dresses in costume and quotes the entire Book verbatim. The listeners will experience the Book in its entire context, and those hearing can place themselves in the shoes of the original recipients. Timeless issues are addressed, providing tremendous spiritual and emotional impact to the knowledge of God's Word.

Catherine Altamura Photo

Classical Guitarist and Composer.

Catherine's Ministry

Known for her emotionally stirring repertoire and intricate right hand technique, Catherine Altamura is a classically trained guitarist who brings technical expertise to the soul inspiring music she writes and performs. Audiences have loved the combination of intense guitar playing and deep, historical and contemporary Christian music.

Repertoire Selections Include:

Were You There When They Crucified My Lord

God of Wonders

Fantasia on the Passion Chorale

Rock of My Salvation

Concerto of Eternal Praise,

Let Us Adore

You are My All in All